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    Question Cleaning 3D phone moulds/jigs


    This is my first post seeking for help. I'm looking for some advice in cleaning the moulds of the phone cases. I used some of those moulds for heat aluminium plates of 2D phone cases in the ST-1520 (3D mini sublimation vacuum heat press). I heated the thing with the aluminium plate facing the mould so, the sections of ink in the paper that covered the holes in the plate, made contact directly with the mould. After the sublimation process I noticed some stains in the mould. When I needed to use that stained mould for a 3D phone case, the inside of the phone case were stained. I took the mould and cleaned it with turpentine but it doesn't work. I've sublimated a lot of phone cases with the stained mould, but using paper and termal tape for cover the stains in order to prevent the dyes will transfered to the phone case.

    Are there a way or tip to clean a stained mould for 3D phone case?

    Thanks in advanced for your attention and advices :D

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    just heat your moulds/jigs alone then clean it with wet tissue.

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