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    Best settings for polyester tshirt printing?


    I am new to this forum and to sublimation printing. I work as a secondary teacher and have started an enterprise group with some pupils. We managed to get funding for a cadet heat press and Virtuoso Printer for Sublimation, with sawgrass inks. We have been experimenting when printing onto 100% polyester tshirt but can't quite seem to get the settings right. We are getting shiny marks on the surface of the fabric which has been in contact with the press, despite using the protective fabric.

    The tshirts are navy or bright blue and we have been using flock material to print onto them.

    i would really appreciate any advice!

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    Flock material? Is that vinyl not sublimation? Shiny marks can be high temperature and high pressure, coloured polyester is often created wth sublimate dye so may become live again when pressed at temperature. Polyester does mark but too much pressure makes it worse. If noticeable press the item all over to make it look uniform

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