Im looking to press t shirts, phone and tablet cases, mugs, water bottles, jigsaws, chopping boards, pretty much everything.

I'm swaying towards getting one of the 3d presses from submeta for most items outwith garments but want a decent swing press also.

Its quite a daunting marketplace with so many products, even with weeks of research its still quite difficult to nail the best setup for the startup budget.

Should I shelf the submeta 3d idea and just get a swing and a mug press separately, I assume a good swing can do most items anyway. With swing presses am I correct in assuming there's a restriction on the type of phone cases that can be printed in the sense it would be the metallic strip with adhesive that attaches to a case rather than the case itself that's pressed?

About the pull the trigger, any and all help is lost welcome.

Are there mug presses that also do the water bottles?