View Full Version : Colour PRoblem: Can't Match Cyan

05-08-2010, 09:06 AM
I am having serious trouble trying to match Cyan. I have printed out colour charts and have found that we simply do not have a good Cyan. Our Magentas and Yellows are all great. On some of the curves 100% Cyan looks like C:100 M:100, and 40% Cyan looks like C:50 M:10 (or Pantone 292C). While on other curves 100% Cyan looks like C:90 Y:10 (or Pantone 312EC); and 50% Cyan looks like C:60 Y:3 (or Pantone 2985EC) or thereabouts. None of the curves we are running can accurately match Cyan.

We are using Elvajet inks, on Bond paper, and transferring to various materials used for banners and flags. There are currently four colours on the printers (Cyan; Magenta; Yellow; and Ultra Black). I have suggested using Light Cyan and Light Magenta to try solve the problem, but they say they cannot find any suppliers in South Africa who are supplying these colours.

The thing is I'm new to the company, which has been doing Dye-Sublimation for some time now, and as far as they're concerned that is the closest they can get to Cyan. I am not satisfied. Please can someone confirm for me if it really is so impossible to achieve Cyan?