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16-08-2016, 05:31 AM
Hi All! I'm new here
I need your help please for how to use transfer film for 3D vacuum heat press in order to print 3D phone cases

I'm using a SAWGRASS SG800 printer with Sublijet HD inks
My issue is that the image I'm getting printed on the film is not sharp enough, like the film cannot absorb\hold the ink and the ink expanding and get smudgy
This issue happens specially on the dark places like people hair or eyes
From inkjet experience I know that dark inks getting the paper more wet, for example if you are using a poor quality matte photo paper it will be wet on the dark areas and get bumps because of it

The film have two sides, glossy and matte - I'm printing on the correct side, the matte side

The film is from BestSub

I tried to use other film I got from eBay but it's too clear the printer doesn't detect it

I know that ink need to left to dry on the film but it doesn't help the print quality is just poor from the beginning

I tried some different settings for the printer but it's the same

I printed with same settings on matte photo paper and quality is great

I did nozzle check to make sure everything is ok

I have experience of 2 year for inkjets in general and one 1 year sublimating
For transfer film I'm new

2 print samples attached + the original file
I'm not looking at the color differences it will be ok after print, just look specially at the woman hair and eyes




Please kindly advise
Thanks ahead

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16-08-2016, 05:38 AM
Sorry something went wrong with the original file sample
Here is a good sample


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16-08-2016, 01:33 PM
Anyone ?
Maybe you have a quality film to recommend on ?
That comes in a5 size and the supplier do shipping to Israel
Much appreciate

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