View Full Version : The Workhorse Lives!

19-12-2009, 11:50 PM
Before I got my Epson 1400, I used a number of 1290 and 1290S. I always thought that it was a mistake for Epson to discontinue them.

My last 1290S has been sitting with a drying out CISS for well over a year now, doing nothing. Some of the inks are low, others look an odd colour (is yellow meant to be orange? lol). My 1400 has been putting in good service ever since.

The 1400 exhibited air pocket issues on the cyan recently, making me seriously consider buying a back-up system. The cheapest I could find was 400 for printer, CISS, and ink (and that's for A4 - add 200 for A3). That's not really where I saw my Christmas profits going...

So I bought a couple of refillable carts from www.marrutt.co.uk (http://www.marrutt.co.uk) and today I got around to fitting them to my 1290S. The nozzle check wasn't too healthy before I began but I did the old trick of "a couple of headcleans, print a page, let it settle". A few hours later, and it's printing a good nozzle check. So I have a backup printer ready to roll for the cost of a couple of empty cartridges.

The 1290S won't be the most used printer in the house, but it's reassuring to know that it's ready to step up to the plate when needed. Not having tubes hanging off it and a CISS filled with some 600ml of ink that won't get used very often is a very major plus point.

Well, that's it really. With all the problems we have with shoe-horning Sawgrass inks into printers they weren't meant to be used in, I just wanted to share my marginal success. 8)