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11-12-2011, 07:33 PM
got a B1100 with CISS but decided to go down the refillable cart route
so ordered empty carts off flebay, had them a couple of weeks
went to print 1 day and it was blocked so thought right instead of messing about now is a good time to swap the carts

so got lots of kitchen roll on the worktop and wiped the CISS system out
all going well so far :)

used a syringe to empty some ink out and filled the carts popped them in the printer and woo hoo 1st time brill working a treat

so back to the CISS i used the syringe to force the ink out of the carts back into the ink chambers
then thought i'd put them somewhere safe with the carts higher than the chambers so it didn't run back and that way i can keep them there while i use the ink up etc etc.

so i find a nice little spot with the carts on the window sill and the chambers on the side,
pick the system up off the worktop go to put it on the window sill and dropped it :O
and you guessed it the tubes came off the bottom of the chambers and ink is running out (rather quickly) :(
panick stations

now picture this, if you remember i live on a boat and in the summer i spent 2 months solid doing the old girl up
new pine tongue and groove inside and new carpet new cushions on the seats the lot

haha you know whats coming don't you
there was ink everywhere all over me over the seats on the carpet everywhere.
now i don't swear but i will admit the odd word of horlicks did come out of my mouth that morning
i'm shouting at my wife who's still in bed have we got 5 small tubs i can put ink into
i managed to grab a big one out of the cupboard to put the whole system in to stop it pouring over everything

then over to the sink to try and wash it off me lol
then get a cloth and try and wash it off the carpet and seats
i can honestly say it doesn't come out btw lol

so now i only have about 20ml of each colour left as the rest is scattered around the boat lol
it's a good job my wife is laid back like me i expected a right ear bashing but she just tutted lol phew.....

11-12-2011, 08:02 PM
You didn't video the episode did you? Might have got you 250!
What rotten luck.

11-12-2011, 09:45 PM
rofl didn't think of that :)