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    Ricoh GXe3300 problem

    I bought the above printer but it didn't have the CD for drivers or powerdriver, I thought I'd solved the issue online but I'm sure they have discontinued the software I need as I'm pulling my hair out trying to install the drivers but everything comes to a stop and nothing installs.
    If anyone has the CD for this printer lying about I would be happy to buy it from them as the printer has a new set of full cartridges installed and I've put in a brand new unused waste tank so it would be a great pity to have to dump it, I've had one of these bad boys in the past and know how good they are so if anyone can help please PM me, I'm off on holiday in a couple of days but will contact anyone who can help when I get back. After trawling online for a soloution, I'm sure my best bet is to lay my hands on the CD that used to come with these printers otherwise it will be a teary dump in the bin.

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