Hello everyone!

I couldn't find a thread that would be simmilar to what I'm looking for, so I created a new one.
I am pretty new to this forum, but I thought maybe someone could help me with this.
I currently have a business and want to expand to other countries. Right now I'm thinking about opening a physical store in Sweeden and I want to do it as fast as I can. The problem is, this is my first time doing this, so I don't know anything about legal matters, localising a business and so on. I thought about trying to do this myself, but I'm afraid that it will take too long and I will eventually fail and lose money.
Many people have recommended hiring services for that, but is that expensive? Does it pay off? I'm still quite hesitant. For example I've seen people in other forums recommend point one (https://pointoneintl.com/) , but I'm not sure if they're actually good. Maybe someone knows this company?
Is it useful to even think about hiring a company for localisation and sourcing at all or should I just try to do it myself?