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    Enlarging images and eliminating the crap ...

    It's often the case that you have a poor quality image that you'd like to enlarge and make sharper without pixellation and at the same time reduce or eliminate jpeg artefacts that produce poor quality printouts.

    This is where A.I. (Artificial Intelligence, not Adobe Illustrator!) comes into its own.

    I've mentioned before costly software such as AI Gigapixel and also the cheaper, but just as effective online alternative, Let's Enhance - Here, I'm taking a small-ish jpg image with smooth gradients and artefacts (rubbish) and enlarging it -

    1. Using Photoshop.

    2. Using Let's Enhance.

    The Photoshop version, as you can see is pixellated and the artefacts are clearly seen around the edges of the image. (Check around the crystals in particular).

    In the Let's Enhace version, the image is much sharper and more defined, the gradients (especially on the cheek) are really smooth, and the artefacts have all but disappeared.

    The original image, in both cases, was enlarged to 4x it's original size.

    As you can see, Let's Enhance can do much more than just avoid pixellation of an image and I now use it extensively.

    I hope this helps anyone struggling to find decent images for sublimation.

    [Additional note: The forum displays images with less quality than the originals, so the enhanced version actually looks even better than that in Photoshop.]
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    We have used letsenhance for 3 months now and always amazed with results.

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