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    Hi. Newbie here. Existing business and 100% using suppliers.. I want to take control

    Hi DSF,

    Glad I found this place, looking forward to getting involved, learning the ropes and hopefully one day putting value back in!

    I have a side business selling phone cases.

    Currently average 1 phone case order per day. Not exactly life changing, but that's not bad after only a few months from a website and without much marketing.

    I have a few different suppliers so can offer different types of cases (UV and Sublimation).

    100% of orders are shipped by my supplier(s) and I want to take control and begin to print my own. I'd really appreciate any guidance and advice.

    That's my story and how I found you DSF Forums. Today I'm taking the first step... great to be here.

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    Hi there and welcome to the forum.

    I have a business selling phone cases as well but print in house. My honest advice would be to stick with outsourcing until you can justify the outlay. We've been toying with UV for a while now but again this is a huge investment if you don't have a substantial ongoing market.
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