I am new to doing in-house sublimation but before I dive into my issue this is my equipment.

Mimaki TS30-1300 with Mimaki Sb54 Inks and Beaver TexPrintXP Sublimation Paper.

I have been testing trying to find the clearest most vibrant print possible and have been playing with how many passes and overprints I do to make this happen and no matter what the solid dark colors are way to saturated and it causes the paper to wave. This in turn causes the head strikes and so I am at a complete loss.

What if I have a garment with a black back and yellow heavy image front. Do I dumb down the quality just for the black which would then make the yellow heavy image look horrible or is there a way to prevent this that I am totally missing?

I currently am running it all on the default levels (12 passes, 1 overprint, bi-directional, and at high speed) and it is still happening. There HAS to be another reason right?

Thanks in advance!