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    Best software for beginner

    Hi, I've just bought an Epson et7750 and have been trying to decide which software I should buy. I will mainly be uploading photo's and pre-designed images and adding text so don't need anything too technical. Is there a program you could recommend for a newbie with basic skills but willing to learn?
    Thanks in advance.

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    You need to decide what type of software you want - either photo editing software, such as photoshop, or vector 'drawing' software such as Illustrator or Coral Draw. Vector software usually has basic photo editing capabilities, and photo software will often let you add text.

    Photoshop, Illustrator and Corel Draw are all very expensive, unless you can enrol in evening classes and get a cheap 'student' version. You only really need 'pro' software if you are acepting artwork from designers and artists.
    There are free alternatives, such as GIMP ( photo) or Inkscape (vector) that are good enough if you are creating your own designs. They have limited ability to open files from the 'pro' packages mentioned above.

    There are good cheap packages from Serif. Their older legacy products are still available to download at £20 each for DrawPlus or PhotoPlus. Neither are being upgraded anymore, so sooner or later new operating systems will make them obsolete. They have been superceeded by serifs Affinity range at about £48 each. ( Affinity Desinger ( vector) and Affinity Photo). Both have the advantage of using a file format that is compatible accross all Afinity products, which is useful when you need both. Although they are very capable products ( and getting better), shortcomings in the user interface make them less usable than serifs older software. The only advantage of the Affinity range over the older stuff is that they are ICC compatible.

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