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    Packaging bags, boxes etc.

    Does anyone on here work in the packaging industry?

    We primarily sell phone cases, up until now we've supplied cases to our trade customers in blister packaging but with zero notice our UK supplier has discontinued our products.

    We're looking for an alternative product that will work for all customers. So far a foil type bag, white with transparent window looks as though it would work for us. We found an overseas supplier, great samples and prices but MOQ are very high and hard to justify. Also, they are unable to even confirm materials used which is essential for some of our customers to know.

    I'm open to alternative ideas, boxes, bags etc. but we must be able to get them printed. I've been searching for some time now so please, no quick, would this work, Google search responses :-) . We'd very much like to keep production in the UK if at all possible and must be 100% recyclable.

    We have convinced our blister supplier to do one last production run to give us time to find an alternative product but they're telling me minimum 4 weeks before this can be done...and we know this could well be longer! We have orders awaiting packaging so want to move quickly.

    Appreciate any input/advice etc.
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    We did look at custom packaging in the past, and found Belmont good on price and quality, and not high MOQs ... although we didn't go with them in the end, they would be my first call if we were going to pick it up again.

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