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Thread: DTG Printers

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr-gobby View Post
    I’m thinking if I need some then I’ll enlist the services of someone like snuggle to print them as don’t have the market time or space for one currently I think they are something you need to dedicate yourself to developing the market for and getting them used regularly so they stand a chance of paying for themselves

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    hi, pardon my ignorance but who's snuggle?

    We are going to go visit a few for demos but I think it's best to get the info from people actually using the machines as they are not going to just provide sales patter..

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    As a DTG printer with white ink I can testify to the problems with ink head blocks - they are a PITA!!!

    BUT, after many years of suffering with a NeoFlex original I've recently adopted a different method of putting the printer to bed and waking it up in the morning and the transformation has been amazing! I'm on the 4th week of this new system and so far, it's a joy! Here's my procedure:

    Okay, so it's been a 4 weeks since I changed the way I rest the NeoFlex overnight and sometimes 2 days. This is what I've been doing:

    1. I switch the printer off leaving the base on.
    2. I raise the ink leavers.
    3. I place a shallow tray containing cleaning solution in the centre of the bed front.
    4. I raise the bed until the surface of the printhead is submerged in the cleaning solution.
    5. I switch the base off.

    When I return to use the NeoFlex, this is my procedure thus far:

    1. I remove and shake the cartridges.
    2. I clean around the cap and wiper blade.
    3. I switch the base on and lower the bed and remove the tray of cleaning solution.
    4. I clean around the printhead and then park it on the capping station.
    5. I lower the ink leavers.
    6. I switch the printer on and when it's settled, I print a nozzle check.
    7. I use 'Printer Jockey' to print just from the white channels until I get a good white.

    Prior to using this method I would have had to spend sometime unblocking in varying degrees of effort!

    Since using the above method, printing with my NeoFlex has been an absolute joy - it's worked every time. Every nozzle check has been perfect. Every t-shirt has been perfect, bright and vibrant.

    I've been making my own cleaning solutions as follows:
    5Litres DI (De-ionised) Water, Type E-11 electronic grade (D5127-90)
    250ml Isopropyl
    25ml dishwashing liquid

    There is no way I could have gone a week without experiencing some sort of ink problem.

    A very happy DTG printer owner

    Here a few I printed today:

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