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    Need help with epson wf7710 with sublimation

    Hello guys,im new to this forum,si first of all thank you for reading my post. Hello to you all.
    My name is Roberto and i need some info and help.
    Im new into sublimation, my setup is:
    -Epson wf7710 printer
    -Sublinova inkt...starting with this ink
    -siser easy subli transfer vynil to print on
    -sublijet forever 202

    What im stuck with is, how to setup icc profile for my printer to start printing in the right color tint?
    Is this needed tp setup the icc profile?

    Which transferpaper to use. I saw a brand of jet stream and read good things on this forum about the output quality.

    Im in testingfase, so trying to start with siser easy subli and forever 202.

    Can i get a advice which sublimation ink to use for the epson based in the nerherlands and not every brand is available here. Also not every brand of transferpaper is available here.
    Hope that you guys in the UK have experience with better products.
    Need some advice and help as a newbie.

    Thanks guys.

    Gr Roberto.

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    What program are you using to print? Are you using illustrator? Photoshop?
    if you go to printer preferences then set the settings from there like plain papers, high quality then in advanced section select no colour management. Because in illustrator for example when you print it will be selected let illustrator manage colours. Then select your icc profile from the list assuming you have installed it. Hope this helps.

    It make sense to me after a bottle of wine.

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