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    Windows 7 - The Future....Win 10? Linux?

    As you will no doubt be aware, Microsoft announced support for Windows 7 will end in just a few days time. Theoretically this leaves users open to all sorts of nasties, malware, viruses and so on.

    The obvious option is to upgrade to Win10 which can still be done FOC if you have a Win7/8 serial number. I like many others had settled with Win7. Whilst not the biggest Microsoft fan, Win7 on the whole has worked for me. I do have Win10 on another PC which is used very occasionally and I'm not keen. So I started to look at the alternatives, namely a Linux distribution.

    I've played with Linux over the years but nothing too serious. This time I thought I'd really go for it. Having attempted the Win10 update on my main PC which failed I thought I'd have a good go at replacing Windows once and for all.

    There are many Linux Distros out there but I'm working with Linux Mint which seems to get great reviews and has fantastic support. I've built a cheap PC solely for testing on so I don't mess up my main systems! Linux can be run on very limited, older systems.

    I'm writing this message on my laptop which I've just upgraded to Linux Mint. I've installed Windows 7 on a VirtualBox so it has the protection of being inside Linux but can be run full screen should the need arise to run anything Linux struggles with.

    I'm playing with the alternative software, Gimp, Krita etc. and also colour management which I see can be controlled in Gimp now.

    I'm still a way off replacing Windows, Photoshop etc. but have made good progress with Linux this last couple of days and I'm finding my feet on the excellent platform.

    Interested to start discussions with folk considering doing the same or already running Linux and also the possibility longer term of using it for printing sublimation etc. I'm still a Linux newbie but learning daily :-)
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    I'm typing this from my laptop running linux ubuntu but the laptop was previously windows 7.

    I have a pc with windows 10 but the one my big plotter runs from is windows 7 which I no longer have online so should be safe. There are no updated drivers for my plotter and the pc is old and cranky so expecting it to stop working soon. When this happens will try one of my silhouettes on ubuntu and use the other with windows 10

    I quite like ubuntu except for installing programs and having to input code which has made me appreciate windows all the more. It's difficult to find programs similar to microsoft ones to run on linux although my lack of desire to learn new software isn't helping.

    I have a small laptop/tablet which I also installed ubuntu on as windows took up the whole 32gb plus most of the SD card whereas ubuntu takes up 4gb.

    I like ubuntu for coming online and browsing but doubt I could use it for business although as I can retire in 2 months I might not need that option lol

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