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    Newbie Learning Curve - Problems with Subliblanks - Charity Business


    Sorry for the long post.

    I'm brand new to this forum and the dyesub business in general, my background is branded workwear which use very different processes (Mimaki wide format printers / pneumatic heat presses, embroidery etc) .

    I've just started a new role as business manager for a charitable enterprise helping young adults with mental health struggles giving them employment and new skills. We run an eBay business selling personalised phone cases but are facing some issues that I would really appreciate if anyone can give me direction on how to resolve these.

    1. Our main supplier is Subliblanks and we are finding that many of the metal plates come with blemishes - is this usual or do I need to find a new supplier?

    2. We have tried using their Subliflex cases and follow their heat application process but the finished results always have a marbling effect.

    3. We just purchased their SubliRip software - does anyone offer training on this, plus is there better software out there that we should consider?

    We are using an Epson ET-2600 and a fairly old basic heat press.

    Any guidance and advice would be gratefully received especially if we can resolve these issues we can give more work to our clients.

    Sorry for the long post.


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    hi Ben!
    If you experiencing blemishes on metal plate or marble effect, this means you have your heat press to hot, for too long for too much pressure.
    Are this effect show on the plate before you press or after?
    not sure how big is your plates but if they are no bigger than A4 try 180C for 40 seconds with VERY LOW PRESSURE. so light, that you won't feel anything when locking it down.
    it should improve or will give you a good starting point.

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