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    Sublimation on polyester pillow problem

    Hi, yesterday i wanted to sublimate on a polyester pillow 40x40cm. I downloaded a Hero Turtles picture from an artist since my little nephew loves the Hero turtles. It was a pretty large print on A3 S-race paper and the finished sublimation print looked strange because there were brighter parts where the ink didnt sublimated as good as on the rest of the picture, looke blotchy. Later i tried it again with two smaller pictures on the backside of the pillow and it worked perfectly. The things i made different to the first try was more pressure and much less paper so protect the heat press. Can it be that this was moisture because i used to many papers under and on top of the sublimation paper? Or was it because of not enough pressure or not enough time? Maybe it was because i did not pre pressed the pillow and the protection paper to get moisture out of it? THe heat press is pretty even, its the stahls clam shell basic 40x50. I tested with IR Thermometer.
    later it worked nicely
    By the way, the right picture is with Ink Experts standard ICC Profil for ET-14000 and the right picture is with ink experts Custom ICC for S-Race paper. I still prefer the original ICC :(
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