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    No deals right now but a new machine coming out. It was slashed last year from £7995 to £4995 which made it a no brainer but gone back up now :-(
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    I have been very fortunate with my business over the last 7 years since I started. One of the reasons, I think, I have done OK is that I bought machinery based on its ability to produce top quality results efficiently (faster production speed or using less labour). Although I have been concerned about the price I have always been prepared to pay more money provided the machine met the faster, better quality, criteria.

    That doesnt mean I was prepared to pay any price, but it did mean that spending a few extra thousand on a machine wasnt going to be a deal breaker. I also found that I had an advantage over my competitors because they mainly went for the cheaper options, which meant their results werent as consistent and/or they couldnt produce the volumes which brought down unit costs and improved margins.

    My advice, buy the machine which meets your own investment/return criteria and either save a little longer or finance the machine if you havent go the funds available. Not having the right machine will cost you thousands more than settling for the machine your risk tolerance is more suited to. As I say ive been fortunate but I got myself into a position where my business could afford to pay the finance cost even if I didnt turn the machine on and produce anything. Once you get there life is much easier.

    Good luck, onwards and upwards and all that.

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