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    Smile hi there everyone

    Hi there we are Peter and Bev from Teesside
    we pretty new to the world of sublimation but we used to do lots of craft in our younger days back when it was screen printing
    then hubby got me a Cricut maker and along came the buying of all the tools to go with them
    It they are so overpriced but you might as well have them all to do everything the machine can do

    That hobby then kicked, off the oh that looks good we will have a go
    So researching time started and the sawgrass and the Epson were the ones we looked at
    In the end as we decided we wanted a a3 size we knew we regret it if we didn't
    we went to order the Epson l1800 but it was late December and we had just decided to go for it and it had gone out of stock gutted wasn't the word

    The price sky rocketed up as none had them in stock not that id of bought elsewhere we did think of getting a a4 and a different machine at the time but we thought we would regret it
    we relooked at printers but heard something on the web somewhere about the l1800 being really worth it so we had to wait and Ink experts where the company to use
    The price had flew up with no stock anywhere
    We were tempted just to bite the bullet and get it but the guarantee was something we needed
    We knew Ink experts gave you a back to base so we waited
    A good few messages to Ink experts back and forwards them always replying{ we both thought they be in sooner than they were}
    so we kept waiting and waiting
    on and on it went
    We looked about but to be honest the reports we heard of them was great really good so we was going to wait

    we are so glad we did
    It took weeks too finally came back in stock
    we bought it straight away
    It was sent out the same day

    finally we had our printer along with all the different types of paper you could need
    but I had a small problem it wouldn't load the ink
    Ink experts response was brill do this do that if it doesn't work they would sort it
    we were so thankful that we hadn't ordered it off some random person selling for 1400 on eBay

    Just like that it came to life beautiful colours and vibrant we are very happy with the printer
    we always recommend Ink Experts when anyone is after a printer now

    We then needed to buy a better heat press as the one we had been using for vinyl a pretty cheap thing of amazon and tiny
    we needed a better one so we got a Siser ts one second hand and it is huge a bit big for me any ideas where we would get a cheap stand to put it on, as our unit isnít big enough we are in Teeside uk
    we also got a mug press which is awful and will be getting changed it stinks is that normal ?
    Itís a mp105 cheap thing we only got it as a trial what a waste also ordered halogen oven
    so now what else do need to buy?
    we did look at the sub oven but it can wait to see how we go we have got plenty of blanks but am looking for those
    anyway we have rambled on a bit well my hubby says I have lol

    so thank you for letting us join we will pay the member ship
    I canít wait to learn more so hereís a short version

    Bev Peter
    hubby works full time and cares for me
    I am here to learn things to instruct my hubby how to do the manual work as I have bad hands
    I am open to buying bit and bobs from this site
    and love saving some money with some nice discounts id of saved a fortune if I found your forum sooner
    but so far we have spent way to much lately

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    Welcome Bev and Peter. Apologies don't have time to read your post but you're new and that is great. Olly

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    wow that was an intro. Lol
    There are some really good people here to help out of you get stuck. And the guys from inkexperts frequent here too now and then.

    I wish I had bought one of those printers but with everything else I just don’t have the room for it.
    As for the cricut it’s a fun little machine but it has so many issues.
    I’m always swearing at the computer when it comes to the cricut but it’s the only machine I found that can read the reg marks on wafer paper so I’m stuck with it and it’s awful software.
    If I have helped please hit the thanks button.

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    Welcome to the forum folks :-)

    DSF Admin
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