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    Lockdown projects ...

    Have any of you started/completed a project during lockdown?

    I have built, from scratch, a 10ft. square Home Cinema (aka - 'The Shed!') at the bottom of our garden for our granddaughters. I built from scratch for three reasons: a lot cheaper, custom design of my own, and because I wanted to see if I still had it in me! (69 now).

    It's turned out really well.

    My projector, just a £60 job from Amazon, projects a 90" diagonal picture on a screen on the far wall of the shed. Quality is really good and I have speakers connected to the projector to give a more 'cinema sound.'

    Finally, I added a Homeplug so that I could send a signal from my house router to the shed. I'm getting a decent 20Mbps speed from the Homeplug which is connected via an ethernet cable to an Amazon Firestick plugged into the projector.

    So, we now have the option of watching anything on the Firestick (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Youtube, iPlayer, etc) and can also watch movies copied to a memory stick, which also plugs into the projector. A laptop would also work well.

    The kids love it. They're down there now, bingeing on episodes of 'Friends!' it's been well worth the effort and has spurred me on to do other projects. Win, win!
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