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    SG400 Banding Issue - Anyone got any advice

    Banding on SG400 which is only 16 months old. Yes we have talked with Sawgrass but it seems they had a work experience kid on support. Banding only happened recently and we have cleaned everything from encoder wheel to capping station but no change.


    Interestingly we changed from paper type "inkjet plain paper" to "glossy" and the banding virtually disappeared (both unidirectional) although still faintly appears.

    Nozzle check is 100% perfect yet the banding is only showing on colours using cyan.


    I am presuming that the head has a cyan nozzle issue but out of ideas and NO ONE has SG400 in stock anymore and if we need a new printer would rather go six colour so not another Sawgrass ink burner printer (i.e. SG500). EVERYONE is out of stock of Epson printers though for A4 sublimation Grrr.

    Hence any ideas what this could be or is the printer a paper weight after only 16500 prints?

    Or maybe a recent Windows Update screwed things up?

    Kind regards


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    When I first got my SG400 I had banding on Cyan, the nozzle check was fine on mine too. Sawgrass told me to keep printing full page bleeds (under the printer utilities section) I set this to cyan only and printed around 10 pages and could see the banding slowly improving and in the end this fixed the problem. Unfortunately it will use a lot of ink but luckily sawgrass sent me another cyan cartridge to compensate for it so they might do the same for you if it fixes the problem.

    I have worked with dye sub for over 10 years now on a small scale and large format and have found if there are any issues with ink it is nearly almost cyan that causes the problem.

    I hope this helps :-)

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