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    Sublimation printing questions


    I am pretty new to sublimation printing and I have a few questions:

    1. I know black takes the longest amount of time to sublimate but when pressed how much black ink should be left on the sublimation paper? I am printing with heavy paper (100gsm) and I might be putting down a little too much ink for a t-shirt but when I have pressed it I get good results but a good amount of ink is left. I have added 20 sec to the press time and I do not see much difference.
    2. When sublimating a t-shirt can insufficient pressure cause colours to shift on the image but all the lines and detail are prefect, or is this more likely a profiling issue?
    3. Why do ChromaLuxe Aluminium Panels recommend I press for less time with a small heat press 16x10 but large pneumatic heat press need to press for longer?

    Thanks for the help!

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    1 The amount of ink left on the paper has little to do with the finished result. It wil never all transfer, so don't concern yourself with it.

    2 There can be several reasons for colours to shift. Lack of pressure isn't usually one of them. The ink needs to be fully dry for at lest 20 mins before pressing. Sometimes the garment weave can lead to colours 'running' along any channels in the fabric. A cold lower platen can sometimes cause it. Moving the paper can cause a ghost. Sometimes the transfer moves on shinney fabrics or hi vis.

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