Hi everyone,

Just a quick reminder. When members are paying for Premium Membership they often use a different email address on PayPal to the address shown on the forum.

In most situations I am unable to match the PayPal username/email address with details on the forum and cannot apply your Premium Membership. In these circumstances I tend to send an email to the PayPal address explainting this. Nine times out of ten these email addresses are not monitored so I receive no response. Next thing I get an email from you saying you paid weeks ago and still can't access the discounts area.

If you can add a note with your forum user name when paying through PayPal this would be a great help to me and will ensure that I can apply your membership straight away.

When the above happens and you pay and have to email me for access I always enable your 12 months membership from the date I've applied the membership to ensure you don't lose any time.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support the forum.

Best wishes,
DSF Admin